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Your ID Tag and access to the National Pet Health Registry is FREE! A one-time $5.00 shipping, handling, and processing fee per tag will be applied to your order. A 6% sales tax applies to shipping fees in Florida.

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The difference is right on the tag!
FREE Pet Medical Alert ID Tags and National Pet Health Registry

Do you have patients with special needs?
Give your clients a fast and easy way to help instantly identify their
special needs pets if they are ever lost or displaced.


Pet Medical Alert ID Tags

Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA*

A different kind of Tag giving immediate life-saving medical alerts for lost pets. A simple, inexpensive way to prepare for hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, everyday pet dangers, traveling with your pet, or if your pet is stolen. 10 tag styles to choose including healthy pets and special "I am a Survivor" tags. The Tag is FREE with a one time $5.00 shipping, handling and processing fee per tag.

Order a Tag Now National Pet Health Registry

Dave Saville/ FEMA**

A free password protected secure database to update, access, store, and retrieve a pet's medical history, emergency contact information and photo. Members have unlimited access to update their pet's important information and can register as little or as much information as needed. If your pet is ever lost, anyone finding a pet can search for your pet's Tag ID number, and read about the important life-saving information you want to provide.

What to do if you found a pet wearing
a tag

Register Your New Tag Now

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Congratulations! If you have received your new tag in the mail you now have are one step closer to keeping your pet protected.

Now all you need to do is register your pet's information in the National Pet Health Registry. It's simple and free and it only takes a moment.

Register your new tag now

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An important part of preparing yourself for natural disasters or travel plans includes preparing your pets. The ALERT Store is filled with items you need to help you Get More, Get Prepared, Get Shopping!

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PHOTO CREDIT: FEMA* Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2008 -- Dogs displaced by Hurricane Ike are sheltered at the local center set up by the Humane Society. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA

PHOTO CREDIT: FEMA** PHOTO CREDIT: Princeville, NC, September 23, 1999 -- A Search and Rescue team member brings in a stranded dog from flooded Princeville, North Carolina. Rescuing stranded pets has become a priority, as many towns along the Tar River remain under water. Photo By DAVE SAVILLE/ FEMA News Photo

PHOTO CREDIT: FEMA*** New Orleans, LA, February 19, 2006 - Members of Best Friends Rescue join the parade down Bourbon Street during Mardis Gras with some of the animals abandoned and rescued from Hurricane Katrina. This organization rescued about 4,000 animals. Hundreds were reunited with their families and most of the rest placed in foster/adoption homes and in the care of humane groups around the country. Barbara Pritchard/FEMA