Dog Bathing Tips

Even for owners of short-haired pet, dogs, regular bathing is important for several reasons. Of course, one of the most important reason for this is simple hygiene. Because dogs like to take part in activities like rolling in the mud or other smelly things out in the yard, they are prone to get dirty very easily. This creates all kinds of possible problems with their tracking dirt and mud into the house, that the smell of dead animals that had been thrown.

Other reasons include the preservation of the fleas and tick the insects, as well as reducing and non-allergic. Just washing your dog weekly or monthly bath, you can help prevent the start of fleas and ticks, which will eventually move from one pet to another, and may even reach into your carpet and your furniture. Giving them a good cleaning also helps to reduce allergens and excessive shedding.
Dog bathing also allows an owner to get a feel for the overall health of the dog. Especially once your pet begins to age, it is important to check them for skin growths, skin allergies, and injuries to the paws and legs. Bath time is the perfect opportunity to perform this task!

Here are some helpful tips to know about dog bathing :

If the dog has been messing in something smelly, like deer droppings, it is important to bathe the dog immediately, to prevent any health hazards. Otherwise, short-haired dogs should receive a bath every 2-3 months, while medium to long haired breeds may need a dog bath every month to remove excess debris from their fur.

Remember that unless you have a reason to bathe your dog regularly, it is best to follow the recommended guidelines, as dogs and especially a puppy will often have sensitive skin that can be irritated by repeated washings. As well, most dogs have waterproof or protective elements that are naturally present on the coat of fur and these properties can be drastically reduced by too many baths.

If it is warm outside, you can easily bathe your dog right in your own backyard with a hose or bucket. If you live in a colder climate area, then you will need to bathe your dog indoors during the winter months. This should be done in a bathtub, a utility tub or even at a dog grooming store. If you don’t have the finances to pay for the services of having someone else bathe your dog, many of these stores have a self service area, where they will allow you to wash your own dog for a small fee.

Steps for Dog Bathing:

  1. Have all bathing equipment ready before you begin the process. This should include shampoo that is best for your dog’s situation, a brush, cotton balls, towels on the floor, extra towels for drying the dog, the bathtub, bucket of water or utility tub filled and a dryer set up in a safe location, if this is necessary. If you are using a tub, you may also need to place a mat down to keep them from slipping.
  2. Before starting the bath, place cotton balls in the dog’s ears. This will prevent water from entering the canal.
  3. Start the dog bathing by wetting your pooch down from head to toe with just water.
  4. From here, place enough dog shampoo onto the dog or into your hands so that the entire area of the dog will be covered.
  5. Lather the shampoo in, making sure you get their neck, legs, undercarriage, hind end and tail. Remember that most dogs do not like water or soap in their faces, so be especially careful when shampooing near the eyes or muzzle.
    Depending on the type of soap you are using the directions may ask you to wait a few minutes to let the medicinal agents soak in. This is especially true with flea or allergy shampoo.
  6. You can then begin rinsing the dog. This may take several buckets of water, since most dogs have thick, dense hair that will take some time to remove all of the soap.
  7. Always take the time to dry your dog, either with a towel, or with a hair dryer if they are small enough or it is cold outside.
  8. If the dog has long hair, it might be best to go ahead and brush them once they are partially dry. This will remove any excess hair that has come loose during the dog bathing process.

Dog grooming. Is it actually necessary?

In most families, dogs are more than just the family pets. They’re valued members of our family, a playmate and protector. They give unconditional love and totally that they want in return is to be loved and taken care of.

Part of this care is grooming. They are really important that you find the correct person to groom your dog. Dog grooming isn’t an easy occupation. It’s difficult work that needs adequate professional person training and a dedication to dogs; it also helps if you truly like dogs.

Dogs can sense what type of person you’re and will act or react according to what they sense. If you’ve a love of dogs, and take pride in their appearance, then dog groomer perhaps right for you.

It’s however, important that you gain experience with dog grooming before you start out on your own. Dog grooming experience might be gained through apprenticeship; therefore, it’s wise to spend at least annual gaining experience from a well-respected groomer.

Grooming a dog is more keeping the coat and skin clean and healthy, it as well affects looking after the dogs nails, teeth, eyes and ears.

Dog grooming does a few things for your canine:

It makes him or her look better and it contributes to both his and her mental and physical health. It’s not just a luxury for your canine companion; it’s also a health requirement. Grooming is essential both for the dogs well being and for the owners enjoyment of a clean pet. If you have a show dog, then you know how important it’s to keep him or her groomed properly.

It literally means the difference between winning and loosing a competition. Having a properly brushed dog is important to keep a silky and shiny coat, however, it’s evenly important the truth that the judges also check the appearance dogs eyes, ears, and teeth.

Grooming as well affects making a point your pets ears are cared for. This aspect of grooming is very significant because dogs rely on their hearing more than the other senses so keeping the ears properly maintained is crucial. It is very easy for a dog to lose their hearing if their ears are not cleaned properly.

It’s the practice of caring for the appearance of a canine for personal or showing purposes. It’s important to understand that brushing the entire coat is extremely significant. Brushing only over the top of the longer outside hairs could compact the undercoat and promote mats.

“Daily grooming can comprise fun and enjoyable, but the process of grooming your dog will vary depending which dog breed you have”

Some dog breeds require professional person grooming, there is just no way a round it. A few of the herding dog breeds, along with some Spitz, Hound and hunting dogs have specialists coats and require particular attention.

The famous Poodle and Shin Tzu and also dogs needing experienced grooming at regular times throughout the year. You are able to learn to groom your dog adequately, as long as you’ve the right tools, a patient dog and a whole lot of time!

Dog grooming could be a very soothing experience for dog and owner.

However, it will be something your dog will grow to enjoy. Once you have accomplished a daily routine of grooming your dog, he or she will jump for joy when the dog brush comes out. It will be quality time you both will enjoy.

Why is My Dog Itching?

Puppy Dog ItchingIt can be painful to watch your dog itching constantly. The annoying itching goes on day and night driving you and your beloved dog crazy without any relief. But it gets worse, the constant itching and scratching can lead to loss of hair andbleeding.

dog itching

So how do you stop your dog from itching?

First and most obviously you must determine the root cause of the itching.
Here are some of the most common causes for itchy skin:


The diagnosis of fleas is the most obvious and easiest to diagnose and treat. A variety of over the counter medications are available to treat a flea infestation.


Mange is a canine skin disease caused by microscopic mites that make your dog skin its home. These mites can cause severe itching and eventual hair loss. Diagnosis of mange will require a scraping of the skin to be viewed under a microscope. Treatment for mange must begin at the vet where they can determine the specific type of mange and prescribe the proper medication to eradicate the parasites.

Psychological Issues

Psychological issues are unfortuneately the hardest to determine and treat. Most issues have to do with some sort of anxiety that your dog is experiencing. There are products available that promote calming which you can try if you have ruled out any of the other causes.

The following two conditions account for most of the dog itching conditions other than the obvious flea infestations.

Nutritional issues

Nutritional deficiencies can undoubtedly cause itchy, dry skin in your dog. Believe it or not, most commercial dog foods do not contain all of the nutritional requirements that your dog needs to maintain optimum health. Much more effort is put into dog food marketing and taste than acually creating a dog food with the optimal dietary requirements that your dog needs. This condition can be easily combatted with a quality dog vitamin that will provide the additional nutrients and minerals that your dog’s food alone just doesn’t provide.


Allergies in your dog can be caused by many different factors. Dogs can be particularly vulnerable to a whole host of environmental irritants. As in humans, our dogs can develop an inappropriate immune response to certain substances.

Airborne allergies such as pollen, dust and mold can cause allergic itching as well. Although it is quite difficult to eliminate airborne substances all together, you can use hypo allergenic air filters in your house and increase your cleaning ritual to eliminate as many of these particular allergens as possible.

One of the most common and often overlooked causes of dog allergies is the dog food they are consuming. As in humans, food allergies are very prevalant. This may be as simple as changing your dogs food. Finding the dog food that relieves all of your dogs allergic itching may be very difficult because a lot of the commercial dog foods manufactured use much of the same ingredients.

The first line of defense for your dog is to ensure that they have the proper diet and nutrition. Providing quality dog foods that contain plenty of quality protein, and that is low on grains and meat by products will ensure that your dog has a healthy digestive system and a boosted immune system.

Supplementing your dogs diet with a quality dog vitamin will ensure that your dog will have the optimum dietary requirements to maintain a healthy immune defense against allergies.

How To Buy Automatic Cat Feeders

Feeding pet cats properly and adequately is one of cat lovers over the world’s most concerns. Many of them are white collars who do not have time at home while spending time on travel and attending offices. Moreover, some cat owners would like to bring their cats along when traveling.

Therefore, several companies have invented various models of automatic cat feeders. These devices are able to divide feeds in their storage and fill into attached or separate feed bowl underneath automatically, which helps the owners with cat feeding. All that the owners need to do is just simply fill up their storages before heading outside, and their cats will have the food whenever they need. Most of them are programed to release its barrier as scheduled with appointed amount of feed. The undeniable convenience could bring happiness to many cat lovers and, indeed, cats. So, how to buy them?

Not sure which one to get? Make use of the Internet and start some basic research!

First of all, obviously, many of you would require an internet connection to make some searches around the web and find one or two contacts. Some manufacturers or distributors could also have been running their promotion programs that you might find their banners running on some websites or commercial leaflets in department stores.

You can browse the Internet to briefly scan through few options before going to the store. Automatic cat feeder also know as cat food dispenser is actually a simple piece of appliance, so there is no complicated technology behind it. Thus, if you are worried about all the features and technical issues, these automatic cat feeders in fact are not that troublesome. In case you are still not so sure where to start your search, or you just want to be quick and save your time, do not hesitate to call any pet store up and acquire all details about the on-sale item before you could decide which is best at your and your pet’s convenience. Rather than that, automatic cat feeders could be easy to find at veterinary or pet stuff supply shops around the city.

Keep in mind that feeders come with various type or models from several manufacturers so that they may vary in functions, designs and of course, in prices. Therefore, it is important (and highly recommended) to have a look through what offers are there currently in the market, how much they are selling. It is easier and more accessible with as much as possible information gathered beforehand.


Go to brick and mortar store instead of online shopping.

Once you have decided which to buy and where to go, make them a visit. It is recommended that you purchase a feeder from a brick and mortar store rather than from an online store. Although a cat feeder is not a complex product that you need to invest too much time into studying it, it is worth your time going to the store and check it out because some may work differently from what you expect, especially when you are not familiar with the product.

You may find the actual products are a little different from what you saw online or in commercial materials; but do not bother, most of commercials do exaggerate a little. What you need is in front of the eyes now, you could give in a real look and ask for more information from the store’s staff. There are feeders for single cats as well as ones that could feed a few cats at once. Programmed or manual. Which feed types do they work best. Etc.. Take advice from some online source about pet like PetMD, Crittersitca, CatWold.. they will give you more detail and information. You can more expert review and guideline for for pet feeders from PetFeederBasic.


Warranty and further promotion could be questioned at site. Some stores just do not spend money on commercials and advertising. Also, it will be more fulfilling if they offer a period of time for false or mal-functional item change. If you already decide to spend some time at the store, don’t forget to ask many follow-up questions to make sure that you have support after the purchase. These questions can be about maintenance, warranty, sales support, and so on.

Be careful and watch out for your cats while installing.

It would take some time for the store to deliver your cat feeder. If you have your own car and had brought it home, it is just great! Now, look through the directions of use before installing. If you are not sure how to install it, remember the option to call the store where you buy it from and ask for directions.

Pet store staff are always willing to help you out and provide you support. You should have had an ideal location for the cat feeder in your mind, so go ahead, gather to the point, and keep an eye on your cats. You would not want to chase or to fight your parts back. When the feeder is complete, it is ready for the first uses. Find the manual again for usage instructions and follow them accordingly. Any misuse even by accident will result in impossibility of exchange. Carefulness should be taken into account at all times!

Don’t forget the water too!

There goes for the eating. Cats must drink, too. Thus, cats owners should also take in place a thought of water dispenser. It will take less effort to find a dealer that has water dispensers in stock. They are available for both dogs and cats. Hence, choose one that suits the demanding daily amount of water for cats.

The market contains several types of water dispensers, yet again need buyers’ thorough study. The most simple water dispenser requires only a bottle of water being attached accordingly onto its designated tray. As long as the bottle’s neck fits right in, water will fill up to the designed level. Other dispensers could a bit more complicated. However, they will be operative in consequence to specific requirements.

While using the devices, it might happen that their functions could not match first requirements entirely. This matter takes place sometimes and gives nothing but experience to further purchases. Cats, otherwise, will always be happy and that is what makes their owners satisfy most anyway.

How to Use Dog Grooming Clippers

If you don’t get your dog’s fur professionally groomed properly, it will make your fur friend look like a cotton ball. So, the best solution is giving your dog a trim yourself. This is a great solution for your budget. In addition, this way also helps your dog feel more comfortable. In this article, we will help you learn how to use dog grooming clippers. Also, we will give you some essential tips on making the process easier.

use dog clipper

Wash and brush first

This step is very important. It purposes to get rid of tangles and clumps of hair. In fact, they may make grooming more difficult. Your dog even feels painful if you don’t bathe and brush him before cutting. It’s easy to understand this, right? Whenever you want to get your hair cut, you also need to wash your hair first in order to get all the tangles out as well as smooth your hair. Another reason is that brushing your dog can remove all of the shed hair off of your dog. Then, you just need to leave only good hair to cut.

Use the Right Tools

There are three essential things you need, including a comb, a clipper, and a slicker brush. It’s best to get these tools outright from the store.In this way, you can save your money. It’s easy to purchase them at any pet store around your house from PetSmart to the small boutique around the corner. But, you need to do your research before buying these tools. Indeed, there are a lot of kinds of tools on the market today. This can help you to eliminate confusion as well as hesitation. You should ask a groomer for a help about the best tools that are suitable for your needs. Don’t forget to choose stainless steel ones. They can be able to last longer. At the same time, they offer the strongest and cleanest cuts for your dog.

Quieter is better

You may not know that loud noises may distress your dog. That’s why it’s essential to test different clippers. Then, choose one for the least noise. By this way, you can get the best experience for both you and your pet. When grooming, you need to keep all outside distractions to a minimum. It’s best to keep others away from your pet.

Don’t Pull Hair

In order to avoid pulling your dog’s hair, you need to keep your clippers sharp. This is essential at all times. In fact, a sharp scissor allows you to easily slice through hair. It also avoids any tugging or discomfort to your skin.

Go Slow

It will be a mistake if you push the clipper too fast whenever trimming your dog’s fur. Indeed, it can be the reason causing distress on the dogs’ nails. It can cause squirming as well as discomfort.

Go in the Right Direction

You may have to take some time to go in the right direction because your dog’s hair can change directions at specific parts of the body. By going in the right direction, you can get the smooth cut. Also, it will fit with the existing coat.

Work With Your Dog

If you don’t want your dog move suddenly when trimming him, you have to hold him. First, you need to shave from the neck to the back leg. Next, do the other side. By this way, you can also avoid missing a part of the dog’s coat.

Know Your Dog’s Coat

We recommend you to pay one last visit to a professional before starting grooming your dog yourself. Then, you should ask them about the process as well as the best way you can clip the coat of your dog.

Choose the Right Blade

There is a wide range of blades on the market today. Each of them can work better with different kinds of coats. In fact, they can offer different effects. That’s why you should consider the best one. When in doubt, it’s best to try snap-on guide combs. If your dog has a long hair, you need multiple blades and comb attachments as well. They will help to get the right kind of cut. On the contrary, you just need a single blade for a shorter haired dog.

Understand Your Breed’s Look

There is no reason why you don’t imagine how your dog should look, right? This is essential before breaking out the clippers. It’s not difficult to find out on the breed club website. Moreover, you can also get some great grooming tips from these websites.

Don’t get too hot Clippers

If you use clippers that are too hot, they can burn your dog’s skin. That’s why it’s important to turn and touch your clippers regularly in order to test the temperature. Once they become too hot, you can spray coolant or lubricant on your clippers right away. Or, you can also use another clipper if possible. Another way is putting it on something metal.



Arthritis in dogs: Are There Any Natural Treatment options?

Arthritis is known to be one of the most commonly treated conditions among pets.

It is true that older, larger dogs as well as inactive and overweight dogs tend to suffer this ailment, but this condition is also found in younger dogs as well. In fact, dog arthritis is the condition that the veterinarians treat most dogs for. Although there may not be a single cure all solution for dog arthritis, there is a viable arthritis treatment solution available. Nuvet’s NuJoint Plus all natural vitamin supplement has been proven to noticeably help with arthritis in dogs therefore increasing your dogs longevity and quality of life.

There are different types of arthritis conditions that dogs can suffer from with Osteoarthritis being the most common. Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, is the result
of wear and tear on parts of the joint generally causing intermittent inflammation. If your dog starts to show signs of slowing mobility and struggles to get up or lay down, now would be the time to introduce the Nujoint PLus vitamin supplement.

The common types of arthritis in dogs are:

Osteoarthritis- (degenerative joint disease) as discussed above.

Hip Dysplasia- Hip dysplasia is a common developmental problem affecting the canine population. Hip dysplasia also affects the joints
in your dog and can be caused by a joint injury or from normal wear and tear of the joint. Nutrition is a major environmental factor of
hip dysplasia. Excess energy consumption increases the frequency and severity of hip dysplasia in dogs.

Rheumatoid arthritis- Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a form of
arthritis that causes pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of function
in your dogs joints. RA is an autoimmune disease, which means the
arthritis results from your dogs immune system attacking it’s body’s
own tissues. No one knows exactly what causes rheumatoid arthritis.

Traumatic arthritis- This involves any soreness or inflammation of the
joint that may be related to an earlier injury or trauma to the
joint. Osteoarthritis may result from this injury.

All dogs are susceptible to developing arthritis. Therefore, it is important to focus on preventative measures as compared to looking for cure. It is important to provide your dog a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. A good vitamin supplement that is designed to treat the joints such as NuJoint Plus can be a great natural alternative to help your dog’s longevity and quality of life.

If you have a younger dog, prevention may be the best medicine. A regularly given all natural dog vitamin supplement can reduce the effects of arthritis in the later stages of your dog’s life.

We’d like to suggest the NuVet Plus line of supplements.

Based upon our own research and personal experience, we’ve come to believe that NuVet Plus is the finest line of dog vitamin supplements available. So much so that NuVet is the ONLY supplement brand we endorse.

We’re not exactly alone in that opinion. NuVet is used by many of the world’s top dog breeders and groomers. Readers of the world’s most widely read magazine for dog lovers, Dog Fancy, voted NuVet the best pet supplement.

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog nail grooming tips

Dog nail clipping is one of the most important elements of courtship interested This is because the long nails on a dog can cause them to have problems walking and may eventually lead to infections in their paws.

Overgrown nails are likely to splinter, crack and even grow back into the left paw, if long enough. Imagine, if you try to walk in such a state, then remember that your dog must walk on all four paws at all times. This can be extremely painful condition for dogs. If left too long, the nails may have overgrown nails, which begin on the wind, and rising back to around the arm. This can cause severe infection on top of that it is not just fun for your pet to life in this way.

How often

With this in mind it is essential when dog nail clipping to do so on a regular basis. Outdoor and active dogs that like to dig and run and play may not need their nails trimmed as often as companion dogs, since their nails will become naturally dulled. Active dogs may only need dog nail trimming every 2-3 months, but other dogs who do not spend a great deal of time outdoors will need their nails trimmed at least once a month.

Dogs have veins in their nails, often called the “quick.” If this is hit while trimming, it can cause bleeding. If you have a dog with black nails, it may be more difficult to determine where the vein in the nail starts and ends. With this in mind, it is best to only cut off a small tip of the nail and to trim more frequently to avoid bleeding.

Steps for Dog Nail Clipping:

Of course you can take your dog to a grooming store or to the veterinarian to have their nails trimmed, but this will usually cost between $10-$15 and the time of taking them in. If you have a pet that absolutely will not sit still, then you may have to consider this option. Otherwise, cutting nails at home should only take a few minutes of time.

  1. Before getting started, it is essential to go purchase dog nail trimmers they are different from the hair clipper. The nails are too rough to be trimmed with human nail clippers and this may potentially damage the dog’s nails.
  2. Be prepared with a towel to lie on the ground to collect the clipping, a towel in case of bleeding, as well as baking powder or cornstarch to help stop the bleeding.
  3. Choose a time when your dog is the most calm. This might be at night before they go to bed or right after they have had a walk and are tired and relaxed.
  4. Place a small dog in your lap or in a position where they will be unable to move about. With a large dog, it is important to ask them to lie down and stay. If necessary, have someone else hold or pet the dog while you begin to work.
  5. Firmly grasp their entire paw in your hand so that they cannot wiggle free. From here, look to see where the “quick” or the vein of the nail begins. If the nails are black, this is not possible. You will just cut off the tip in order to prevent bleeding.
  6. When dog nail clipping you should always clip a dog’s nail from the bottom up, so should be holding the clippers with the movable part of the clipper is facing your fingers and the stationary part is in your palm.
  7. Some dogs are prone to jerking their paw away, but as long as you do not hit a vein or draw blood, this is painless. Remember if you do hit blood, immediately coat with powder and apply pressure from a towel. If the bleeding does not stop within a few minutes, you should call your veterinarian.
  8. Remember to clean up the clippings and to check for frayed nails. If necessary, retrim or even use a file to dull down a splintered nail. This is it for dog nail clipping until next time!

Dog Teeth Grooming Tips

Dog teeth cleaning is important for your pet. This is because their teeth are one of the most important parts of the body. They use their teeth and mouth for chewing, eat, play toys, licking, and even picking up objects to their owners, so it is inevitable that this part of their bodies will decay or become dirty over time.

Just as people brush their teeth on a daily basis to remove the dental stone and excess to prevent decay and periodontal disease, the same should be done with dogs. The two most common problems with decayed teeth in the dog loose or abscessed teeth. These problems, together with plaque build up can lead to bacterial infections that lead to infection in the kidneys, liver, heart and even in the brain. This can be a very serious problem that can be easily solved by regularly providing for cleaning your dogs teeth.

How Often:

Of course veterinarians will suggest  dog teeth cleaning on a daily basis, but this might not be realistic for dog owners that lead a busy lifestyle. If nothing else, brushing your dog’s teeth at least once or twice a week will prevent decay and bacteria build-up.

Even though a puppy’s teeth will fall out, it is still important to brush their teeth on a regular basis as well. This will prevent gum and periodontal disease in the future.

What to Use:

Human toothpaste won’t work with dogs because they don’t know to spit out the fluoride in human toothpaste that shouldn’t be swallowed. With this in mind, you will need to acquire doggie toothpaste, which can be picked up at your veterinarian, or at a pet supply store.

You will also need to use a dog toothbrush, one that has a smaller brush and has a longer handle to reach into the back of the dog’s mouth. If your dog refuses to let you use this, you can also purchase a dog toothbrush that goes over your finger and can easily slid in and out of the dog’s mouth.

Steps to Dog Teeth Cleaning :

  1. Have your dog sit and stay in place. Firmly grab his head and open his mouth with one hand.
  2. Apply a small amount of dog toothpaste onto the brush and begin by placing the brush into the back of the mouth, on the top. This will get them used to the toothbrush in their mouth.
  3. Work the brush in circular motions and be sure that you reach the area between the tooth and gum line. The back of the mouth and the gum line are the places that are the most susceptible to periodontal disease, so be sure to spend plenty of time here.
  4. After you have worked your way around both sides of the top of the mouth, move to the bottom teeth. These teeth are easier to get and can be reached by simply grabbing the dog’s jaw and holding it. Repeat the same steps for cleaning the back teeth and the gum line.
  5. Once you are finished, go ahead and give your dog a healthy, crunchy dog treat to remove the taste of the toothpaste from their mouth from their dog teeth cleaning.

Dog Ears Grooming Tips

Many dog owners do not know that regular cleaning dog ears is an important step of dog grooming to prevent the dog’s ear infection and the possibility of ear mites. Since many dogs have big ears, that failure on their networks, most people think they are protected from the elements, but this is simply untrue.

On the contrary, because dogs have such a large ear canals, they may be more prone to ear infections, often caused by high winds and excess water in the channel. Dogs with floppy ears are especially vulnerable to infection, because the floppy ears cut circulation and typically trap moisture, which makes it a breeding ground for yeast and fungal infections. If the puppy begins to enter their paws around their ears, trying to scratch their ears, their head, or vibrations, you’ll notice a significant amount of dark ear wax, which has an unpleasant smell, it’s likely, or ear infections can cause ear mites excess wax build.

Ways of preventing infection and mites include putting cotton balls in their ears while they receive a bath, never letting dogs stick their head out the car window, keeping them in when it is windy and cold, and also regularly cleaning their ears. A regular cleaning is the most preventative way and also gives owners an opportunity to examine the ear for any signs of infection or other health problem they might have.

How Often:

When it come to cleaning dog ears, some dogs will rarely need their ears cleaned, although they should be routinely inspected for signs of wax build up or infection. Dogs with floppy ears are most likely to acquire infections, mites, or build-up, so should be inspected, and cleaned if necessary, at least once a month.

How To Steps For Dog Ear Cleaning :

Before getting started, it is best to purchase an ear cleaner solution from your veterinarian. Some vets will simply recommend a homemade solution. Either is fine, but have this on hand before getting started.
You will also need cotton balls and a soft terry cloth towel on hand.

  1. Begin by holding the dog’s head in your hand and pushing back the floppy ear.
  2. Check the ear for any hairs that need to be trimmed or removed before getting started. If there are hairs in the way, gently clip them out of the dog’s ear. If the hair is too far down in the canal, past ½ an inch, leave it. You do not want to go this far into the ear canal, for fear of damaging an ear drum.
  3. Follow the directions on the ear cleaning solution, but most will ask dog owners to squirt a small amount of cleaning solution into the dog’s ear.
  4. In order to break up the wax build-up, it will ask that you massage the solution into the ear and wait 1-2 minutes.
  5. From here, with care use a cotton ball or terry cloth towel to remove the excess wax.
  6. Check the wax for signs of mites, for an unpleasant smell, or for discoloration. These might mean an infection has occurred already. If so, contact your veterinarian.
  7. Repeat on the other ear and this will wrap it up for cleaning dog ears until the next time around.

Facts About Your Dogs Weight Control

Veterinarians generally define a dog that weighs 20 percent more than its ideal weight as obese. Surveys have found that approximately 5 percent of dogs in the United States are obese, and another 20-30 percent are overweight. The primary cause of canine obesity is overfeeding and insufficient exercise.

Like humans, being overweight does not only put a strain on your dogs cardiovascular system, but it also puts unnecessary strain on your dogs joints and ligaments. Also as in humans, overloading a dogs joints compounded with a lack of exercise can cause poor muscle tone and fitness leading to joint strain and or joint injuries.

If you think your dog is overweight, you should first consult with your veterinarian before putting your dog on a diet. Your vet will be able to recommend the proper weight loss plan for your dog.

Some things to consider when trying to get your dog to lose weight.

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. This applies to your pets as well. Eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods, including dog foods, is the primary reason for dogs being overweight. By making some simple changes regarding your pet’s diet, you can make a big difference in their weight and overall healthiness.

Feed them smaller portions at meal time. Small regular meals are better than one big meal, so divide your dog’s daily portion into two or three smaller portions given throughout the day.

Be careful with dog foods you choose. Be sure and avoid dog foods that contain high levels of artificial additives, fats and sugars.
Cut down or eliminate the snack and treats that you give your dog. If you do give your dog a treat be sure to select a healthy treat. Not all treats are created the same, look for a treat that contains less fat and more nutrients. Another option is to give your dog a vitamin supplement such as NuVet Plus as a treat. Your dog will still be happy to get a treat and you will be happy knowing your dog is getting the nutrition he needs.

Fat Dog

fat dog

Don’t feed your dog from the table; even as hard as it is sometimes with their sad eyes and starving look about them (they aren’t actually going to starve)! And make sure that your entire family follows the no table feeding rule and are aware of the situation and the consequences of your dog being overweight.

You mustn’t forget possibly the most important aspect to weight control. EXERCISE!! Just like us, exercise and healthy eating go hand and hand.

When considering the type and extent of exercise to give your dog, it is worth considering that older or unfit dogs will require a very different recommended exercise regiment than younger dogs. You may need to build up their exercise schedule slowly and not overdue it prematurely which could lead to injuries or other health risks.

The bottom line is that your dog’s weight control is very similiar to your own. Eat healthy and exercise. Finding healthier food for you is often much easier than for your pet, so learn all you can about the dog food you are feeding your dog and look for healthier alternatives. Click here to get more information on finding healthy dog foods. Providing your dog with a quality all natural vitamin supplement will assist you in your dog’s weight control as well and give them the vitamins and nutrients that dog foods alone won’t supply.

What are the best dog foods to feed my dog?

To be perfectly honest, the best food that you can feed your dog would be dog food that you make homemade to include the correct proportions of protein, carbohydrates, fats etc. and minus all of the preservatives and fillers that are present in a lot of commercial dog foods.

That being said, I understand that most people just don’t have the time, resources or every day dedication to make regular properly balanced homemade meals for their dog.

Not all commercial dog foods are made from inferior ingredients and byproducts. There are good dog foods available, but you will have to actively search for them. Unfortunately there are many more commercial foods that will just meet the bare minimum standards of nutritionalrequirements. To determine a good dog food from a bad one, in some cases it will be as simple as reading the ingredient list to determine if quality ingredients are being used. But some ingredients listed can be misleading and it may take a little research to determine which food is best.

Most dog food manufacturers are particularly good at marketing their product with the professional looking packaging and the clever names for their products. Don’t fall victim to the marketing. Do your homework. Some good marketers also make good products, so you must take the time to look at the ingredients first and foremost and understand what they are.

A little insight into pet food labels.

If a food is named specifically, e.g. “Beef Dog Food”, the named ingredient must not be less than 95% of the total weight if the water required for processing is excluded, no less than 70% if the water is included in the calculation. If more than one ingredient is named, for example “Beef and Liver Dog Food”, all of them combined must not be less than 95% (or 70% respectively) and they must be named in descending order of content by weight. This description is used almost exclusively for canned foods.

If a dog food includes the word “dinner” (or similar ones like “formula”, “nuggets” etc.), such as in “Beef Formula”, the named ingredient must not be less than 25% of the total weight. If more than one ingredient is named, e.g. “Beef and Rice Formula”, all of them combined must not be less than 25% and they must be named in descending order of content by weight.

If a dog food name contains the word “formula” or “dinner” etc., the ingredient named must not be less than twenty five percent of the total weight. And if more than one ingredient is named like “beef and Liver Formula” then both ingredients COMBINED must not be less than twenty five percent and must be listed in order of weight amount.

That being said, a product that markets under “Premium Beef and Liver Formula”, following the guidelines above can advertise a dog food that has beef and liver but may actually only contain twenty five percent combined of those two ingredients meaning that most likely they are not even the main ingredient of the dog food.

If a dog food uses the phrase “with (ingredient) like “with Beef”, the ingredient named must not be less than three percent of the total weight. So be very leery of a so called quality food that touts their product with the phrase “with beef, lamb etc. because it only has to contain 3% of that ingredient.

If the dog food includes the word “flavor” or “flavored”, it is only required to contain a sufficient amount of that ingredient to be detected. So you are most likely going to get a minimal amount of “flavoring” while the manufactures may actually be hiding their main ingredients.

These tips will get you started in the right direction to finding your dog a quality dog food. But also remember that ultimately, dog food alone will not give your dog all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain the healthiest, longest life possible.

So along with a good quality dog food we highly recommend NuVet Plus as an all natural dog vitamin supplement for your beloved pet. We use it ourselves and our dogs has never looked better or been as active and happy.

You Take YOUR Daily Vitamins. What About Your Dog?

You didn’t know that dogs need vitamin supplements? 
Many people don’t.

But if you think about it, it makes sense.

We take vitamins because no matter how painstaking we are in planning our diet, it’s difficult to be certain that we’re getting ALL of the vitamins we need. And because we know just how vital the proper vitamins are to our health and well-being, we take supplements to assure that those needs are met.

Dogs are People too, you Know!

It’s no different for our dogs.

Why would it be? The nutrients and vitamins essential to health are necessary for all living creatures, not just humans.

In that respect, dogs ARE just like people.

And if you can’t be sure that you’re getting all of the vitamins you need from your diet, do you really think that your dog’s needs are fully met by its diet?

Of course not.

Regardless of the quality brand of food you are giving your dog, it does NOT contain ALL of the essential vitamins that your dog needs.

Vitamins ARE Essential

We don’t take vitamin supplements like we might take an aspirin to relieve a headache. Rather, we take vitamins to ensure that our bodies have the building blocks for long-term health and well-being. We take vitamins to PREVENT problems.

The same applies to your dog.

Though your dog may appear perfectly healthy and happy now, if it’s not currently receiving the proper balance and quality of nutrients it requires, long-term problems may await. By giving your dog vitamin supplements now, you may help to prevent problems in the future.

One of the most significant contributions vitamin supplements can make is in helping the body deal with Free Radicals.

You’ve heard of them, haven’t you? Those renegade oxygen molecules known as Free Radicals rampage through the body, mutating and even killing the body’s cells.

Damage from Free Radicals has been associated with more than 50 serious health problems, including:

• Cancer
• Heart Disease
• Cataracts
• Premature Aging

The proper vitamins help to supply the body with Antioxidants, which work to keep Free Radicals in check.

There Isn’t Much You Wouldn’t do for Your Dog

If you’re like most dog owners, your dog isn’t just a dog. It’s more like one of the family. And because of that, you do all that you can to make sure you’re dog is healthy and happy.

You provide quality dog food, exercise, and veterinary care for your dog. It’s little enough in return for the unconditional love your dog gives your family.

So isn’t it great to know that there is one more thing you can do to help ensure a long, happy, and healthy life for your dog? And it’s such a simple thing, too.

We’d Like to Offer a Suggestion

If you want your dog to have the benefits of vitamin supplements, be careful to choose a brand that you can trust. You may be inclined to think that one supplement brand is as good as another, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

In fact, one of the leading brands of dog vitamin supplements is loaded with sugar, corn syrup, and Kaolin.

Don’t know what Kaolin is? It’s clay; sometimes used as an insect repellant on crops. If you choose the right brand of vitamin supplements, you won’t have to worry that you’re feeding your dog clay (and who knows what else).

Word of Caution: If you are looking for a cheap dog vitamin, NuVet is not it. You can buy cheap vitamins at any mega store.

NuVet is the best and highest quality dog vitamin supplement you can buy. As such it is more expensive. Tell me this though, how much is the health and longevity of your dog worth? To me it’s priceless. 🙂