The 6 Best Hamster Cages 2020

Hamsters are active and lovely pets you can keep at home. If you have one, you should give him a great home so he can stay and enjoy his tiny life. When choosing the best cage for your pet, you have to check a few facts first.

To help you understand more about the hamster cages. We will show you in this post. At the same time, we will also give you the top 6 best cages for hamsters.

Useful Tips for Choosing The Best Cages for Hamsters


In terms of size, it’s essential to look for a cage that offers your pet enough room. If you only give him a little space, your pet may not want to access it. Therefore, don’t forget to measure the size of the cage before making your purchase.

It’s best to choose one with the dimensions of 30x15x15 inches. It ensures to provide your hamster with plenty of space as well as ventilation.

According to North Star Rescue, cages less than 450 square inches for Syrian hamsters are harmful. A Syrian hamster, you should choose a cage with a height of 17.5 inches. And, it should be around 7 inches for a dwarf hamster.

Bar space

It’s also essential to consider the distance between the cage wire. The reason is that your pet can easily escape if you choose one with large gaps. We recommend you to choose 0.5 inches bar space. Another good choice for you is 1/3 inches. It’s ideal for a dwarf hamster.


You also have to consider the materials used in making a cage. As you know, your hamster can chew his cage with ease. You may get a problem if you give him a cage with only a plastic base.

As a result, your pet can escape after he chews the cage. That’s why metal-based cages have become favorite choices out there since they are able to last for a longer time than a cheap model.


Many pet owners are looking for a cage durable metal base for their pets. However, some kids prefer colorful plastic cage. Each design has its own pros and cons.

Therefore, it’s best to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the cage you choose. This step aims to determine a good deal before making a purchase.

Easy to clean

When it comes to the easy-to-clean cage for hamsters, you should consider a simple model. These models allow you to clean as well as maintain your cage with ease.

If you choose a cage with tunnels, storage, or ladders. They may become dirty soon. Therefore, always go for the larger hamster cages that let you set up and clean with ease.


Once you let your hamster escape, it’s not easy to find him since your pet is an active animal. Actually, your hamster can chew everything he keeps in his hands. That’s why you need to choose a great cage that is safe for your pet’s teeth.


The hamster cages come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Each of them has a different cost. More importantly, you have to decide which model is perfect for you without any issue.

Not all cages out there are expensive to get. We advise you to consult reviews from the customer before making your purchase decision to get a worth product to the money.

Top 6 Best Hamster Cages

1. Favola Hamster Cage

This cage is one of the most affordable choices out there. It is constructed on two floors. Moreover, it is built with a transparent base as well. It brings all the essential accessories you want in a hamster cage.

It allows your beloved pet to exercise thanks to the great wheel included. Moreover, the model also has 1 nest that allows him to sleep with comfort. Another great thing about this model is a feeding bowl.

Additionally, this is also a high-quality unit. You can clean it with ease. Plus, you can also set up easily in a minute.

2. Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat

If you are shopping without any concern about the cost, you should take a try on this hamster cage. This brand is famous for its good quality product and excellent service. If you need more space, this is a good option for you since it lets you connect with another cage to have plenty of space.

This model is not the same as other ones with different construction. It is equipped with a food dish, wheels for exercise, nesting zone, as well as a water bottle. Moreover, there are available in two different packaging systems to pick from. It promises to give your beloved hamster a real home with comfort.

3. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

There are four moving casters included in this hamster cage. It’s easy to move this model if you need. The cage is constructed with durable materials. Moreover, it features a pan that is leak-resistant.

It ensures to give your pet enough room. In addition, the cage also comes with an adjustable shelf. Moreover, there is also a ramp to give your pet comfort. Furthermore, it includes the slider tray that allows you to clean with ease.

Another good thing about the cage is that it comes with a bottom layer where you can store your toys and foods for your hamster. If you are going for a strong build, you should choose it.

4. Prevue 528 Universal Small Animal Home

When it comes to the best cages for hamsters, don’t miss the Prevue. It is built with very good construction. It’s ideally for a small animal. It comes with a good ramp. The product is made of high-quality metal as well as plastic.

Moreover, the cage comes with a wide entrance for your hamster. It brings a good finish. The manufacture ensures always maintain the quality of its products. Overall, the cage will offer you a shelf, ramp, and 2 big entry doors.

5. IRIS Hamster Cage

The Cage is packed with much playing stuff. It comes in three different colors. This cage is built with a ramp, wheel, dish bowl, hideaway, as well as a water bowl. The material used in making this cage is plastic and wire. Therefore, it ensures to give your pet good ventilation.

If you need a cage with a simple look, this one is ideal for you. Moreover, it is also great for your wallet. This is a lightweight model. Besides, it also comes with a wheel, so you can easily move it around without any hassles.

6. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage

This cage is designed perfectly for people who want a durable and small hamster cage. The model is built with a ladder, exercise wheel, food dish, as well as litter guard. Moreover, it’s possible to connect the unit just in one minute.

A great point of this model is that it allows you to see your pet playing clearly thanks to its clear outside vision. Moreover, it also brings a simple design made of metal wire and plastic. In addition, the cage is durable and safe.


If you want to have a pet for beginners, hamsters should be considered. These pets are especially for kids. As an owner, your first important duty is to give your pet the right house.

It’s important to know what you should go for when choosing theist cage for hamsters. With these top 6 best cages we’ve mentioned to you. Sure, we are helping you in the right direction towards being a perfect hamster owner.