Best Vacuums Attachments for Pet Hair

Best Vacuums Attachments for Pet Hair

As a pet owner, removing pet hair is a hairy task. This task will become easier if you have the right vacuum cleaner attachment.

Nowadays, there is a lot of manufactures of pet vacuum attachments available out there. They are designed for addressing the needs of pet owners by making great cleaner at pet hair removal.

Also, there are vacuum cleaners used directly on your pet in order to prevent loose hair from getting onto the surfaces. You can use them when needed.

They are also a less expensive alternative to a vacuum cleaner for cleaning hair. Check out this post for the list of best vacuum attachments for pet hair.

The Best Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment For 2019

  1. Penn Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit

You can own the Penn Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit with no less than $20. This product is equipped with the right items that are ideal for making your pet spruced up and happy.

It is packed with a brush, grooming tool, shedding comb, flea comb and upholstery. Moreover, it also has a 46-inch hose plus universal adapter.

If you have a dog, this is really a good option. Thanks to the folding blade, it is able to easily suck in fur from the comb. This model is actually effective as a vacuum model.

However, you may hear sounds from the brush head. It may annoy your pets. This model also requires you to clean up frequently between brush throughs.

  1. Furminator FurVac Vacuum Accessory

If you are looking for an accessory at less than $25, the Furminator FurVac Vacuum Accessory is right for you. This model is able to work with a variety of sizes from the Furminator cat as well as dog Deshedding units.

A vacuum strap allows it to be strapped on the Deshedding unit. After that, you can use the accessory to groom your dogs or cats.

This model is designed to work well as long as it fits a vacuum hose. There is also the Furejector button that helps to deal with pet hair easily. With this unit, you can handle large dogs while you haven’t to clean up frequently between brush throughs.

However, this option just fit Furminator Deshedding models. Plus, it makes a loud noise.

  1. Electrolux Home Care 62550D Power Paw Vacuum Tool

This unit is fastened to the vacuum to remove deep-seated dirt and pet hair. Coming to the Electrolux Home Care 62550D, you will get both vertical and horizontal clean-ups and an adapter. Therefore, it will fit a good lot of known vacuums.

However, you can’t use this item directly on your pets. It works well on removing dirt, pet hair, and debris from furniture and curtains. This product can help to suck a big amount of hair and dirt easily. You won’t know when brush stops spinning.

  1. Dyson Groom

This item costs around $30. It’s more expensive compared to others mentioned above. However, this can offer you less fussy grooming. It promises to help take away all the loose hair from your pet thanks to its slicker bristles. Actually, these bristles are angled at 35 degrees, so it can get within the whole coat. With this item, you haven’t to worry about mess during a cleanup.

However, you can’t use this item with cordless and handheld models. This one is not suitable for dogs with short hairs. In addition, its bristles are too stiff and sharp.

  1. EcoMaid Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush Grooming Attachment

If you are looking for the best vacuum attachments for pet hair on your budget, this is a great option for you. It costs less than $15.

This item is suitable for vacuums with a 32-mm diameter. It is equipped with comfortable TPE material, so you can use it without making your pet sore. Also, it can operate well with short or long-haired pets.

With this product, you haven’t to worry about pet hair flying all around. Especially, it is able to work well on most hair types as mentioned earlier.

However, this one doesn’t fit the hose. It is able to work better on furniture than it does on pets.

  1. GIBTOOL Vacuum Cleaner Pet Grooming Tool

The GIBTOOL Vacuum Cleaner Pet Grooming Tool is also a good choice for your budget. Indeed, it just costs less than $15. This is a good consideration for pets with short or long hair. It promises to help you eliminate hair, dirt, and mites as well.

This item is made of PTE material, so it brings a soft feel. Therefore, it ensures to give your pet a nice comforting massage. You can use this item on pet beds. However, this product doesn’t fit all pet vacuum units. It also may agitate certain pets.

  1. EcoMaid 1-1/4-Inch Air Driven Turbo Brush with Pet Attachment Swivel Head

This option costs less than 15 bucks. This item can fit 1/14-inch or 32-mm vacuum cleaners on a wide range of brands. With this item, you can clean underneath fixtures with ease. Also, it will help to remove unnecessary items while you haven’t to lift or move the vacuum above it.

You can use it to clean up upholstery, vehicles, boat interiors of cumbersome pet hair, as well as RVs. It is known for plenty of power. Furthermore, it is also a time saver. It is able to vacuum a good deal of pet hair. However, this item doesn’t fit vacuum models from certain brands.


It’s important to determine if an accessory is perfect for your pet or not. The fact is that many people are misunderstanding about purchasing attachments.

They choose ones that don’t fit their vacuums. It’s best to make sure you check the accessory to see if it is compatible with your vacuum before making your purchase.


Thanks to accessories, our appliances can multitask. With the best vacuum attachments, our vacuums can do another task of caring for our pet’s shedding.

Although it seems to be easy to find the right one, our reviews are necessary for you since they can point you in the right direction. Hopefully, you will choose the right accessory to better taking care of your pets and your homes.