Our Story

Hi, This is William L. Barns

I have been a dog groomer and/or vet tech for over 15 years. In those years I’ve seen dog vitamins that have been good and some potentially harmful to pets. In all my experience though, I have yet to come across a dog vitamin that has produced the results of NuVet Labs. Results that I have personally seen time and time again.

I created this website to help educate pet owners about the importance and selection of quality dog vitamins and other products. So even if you chose not to use NuVet Labs, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to properly choose a quality dog products.

Our goal is to allow pet owners to keep their pets healthy. By providing these much needed information, that can some times be beyond the reach of pet owners who are low income or have fallen on hard times to the vet.

Feel free to contact us any time if you had any problems with you pet

To your pets health,