8 Best Hamster Cages 2019

As you know, hamsters are not as big as a cat or dog. As an owner, you have to give your hamster a home because they can get lost if you let them run around. Their cages play an important role since they can affect your hamster’s lifestyle. Therefore, we focus on the best hamster cages this time. In this article, we will give you a list of the best cages for hamsters on the market today. Also, I will give you comprehensive and worthwhile information you need to know when it comes to hamster cages.

Things to Consider to choose a hamster cage

The Size of the Cage

Floor space is an important factor to consider. Your hamster needs floor space to run and exercise their furry body. It’s best to give your hamster a floor space of at least 150 square inches. This is ideal for a Syrian hamster. About the dwarf hamster, you need to give a floor space of 120 square inches.

The height of the cage also plays an important position in the size of a cage. According to North Star Rescue, cages less than 450 square inches for Syrian hamsters are harmful. A Syrian hamster, you should choose a cage with a height of 17.5 inches. And, it should be around 7 inches for a dwarf hamster.

Materials Used in Making Hamster Cages

Since they are climbers, they are keen on climbing. Therefore, you should look for a cage with room for holding and climbing. In recent years, the wire hamster cages made with a plastic bottom are popular. They offer the needed space for your hamster to climb.

You should avoid choosing a cage with a wire bottom because they seem to be harmful to your hamster’s feet. It shouldn’t be more than half a centimeter for the wires to protect your pet from getting stuck when he’s attempting to stick his head through.

Another popular cage used for hamsters is the plastic molded cage since these models can protect your pet from the other pets you have. Also, you can easily clean them.

Modular Systems for Hamsters

Some models are built from brightly colored tubes. Some of them aren’t the best home for your hamster while some are properly modified. They don’t offer enough floor space for your pet to run and exercise through. And, your pet can easily get stuck in one of the tubes.

Top 8 Best Hamster Cages

1. Besazw Hamster Cage

This unit is known for a large space. Therefore, it’s ideal for your hamster to run and exercise their furry bodies. There are two tiers. Also, they come with a slide and a running wheel so your hamster can get the needed adequate exercise.

With the Besazw Hamster Cage, you can easily assemble. So, you won’t worry about your stress. Also, it’s popular for its portability because it’s equipped with a carrying handle. Therefore, it’s not hard to move your pet from one part of the house to another.

2. Ferplast Hamster Cage 2-Floor Structure

This product is built with a two-floor structure that ensures to offer quite a lot of space for your hamster to explore. It is made from durable and robust plastic. It is equipped with a transparent base so you can see the mess your cute pet makes.

This cage comes with an upper wire net alongside the full accessories. This feature is great for your pet to exercise to remain healthy.

3. Habitrail/Ovo Adventure Pack

This cage is designed to give your hamster enough space to run and exercise through. You can set it up in a way that is suitable for you. It can help you remove the difficulty of assembling in the right way.

You can clean the Habitrail/Ovo Adventure Pack with ease. Especially, the cage comes with a retractable roof. It comes with 2 10-inch Trails, a cube, and a tee.

4. Habitrail/Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat

Another good cage for your hamster is the Habitrail/Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat. If you are looking for a great cage for the Dwarf hamsters, you can’t miss this model. This unit is easy to clean as well as assemble.

It ensures to give your hamster enough floor space to exercise and run. This cage is built with some of the structures to improve the growth of your pet. Also, this option promises to keep your cute hamster healthy thanks to these structures, including the dishes, running wheel, stair for climbing, and tubes.

5. Kaytee Critter Trail 2- Level Habitat

This model comes with a running wheel that let your pet exercise. It comes with a look-out tower. Also, it offers a wire spacing of 0.25 inches. Therefore, it can prevent your cute pet from the risk of sticking its head out. Also, it can prevent him from getting stuck.

The Kaytee Critter Trail 2 Levels Habitat is built with a running wheel, a petting zone, a front access door, and a food dish as well. This model is suitable for all critter trail accessories.

6. Kaytee Critter Trail Carry And Go Travel Habitat

If you are looking for a hamster cage for your travel, you should purchase the Kaytee Critter Trail Carry and Go travel habitat. It offers the proper attribute to do that. It’s equipped with a handle, so you can carry it about.

This option is great for temporary housing while you are cleaning your pet’s house as well as other temporary uses. It’s about 0.25 inches in term of the bar spacing. Therefore, it can prevent your cute pet from getting stuck whenever he wants to stick out his head.

7. Kaytee Interpret Limited Superpret Critical Small Cage

This cage comes with a safe environment for your hamster. It ensures to give your pet facilities. Therefore, it allows your hamster to get enough floor space to exercise. Also, it comes with a 6mm wire spacing, water bottle, food dish, and a running wheel.

There is a front access door. Also, it has a removable petting zone that is compatible with all critter trail accessories as well.

8. Living World Deluxe Habitat

The last cage we want to list here is the Living World Deluxe Habitat. It is designed with a plastic bottom base. Also, it has an upper wireframe, so your pet can get enough ventilation. Also, it comes with a balcony with an access ramp.

It has a height of 24 inches, a width of 22-4/5 inches, and a length of 46-8/9 inches. It promises to give you everything you need when looking for a safe house for your hamster.

This is a good choice for your hamster because of the plastic bottom and the wire. It allows your pet to climb.


If you have a hamster, you always need to give him a home. It can give your cute pet a healthy lifestyle. Also, it can help to protect your pet from sickness and getting hurt.

All the factors we mentioned above are important to consider if you want to keep your hamster healthy and happy. Hamster cages are available in different kinds. And, your choice is based on your preference.